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Appointment Types

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Initial Consultation and Assessment


Aprox Length: 1&1/2hrs

This involves a thorough assessment and discussion of your horses history followed by full treatment,

unless veterinary investigation is required.

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Follow up or Maintenance Visits


Aprox Length: 1hr

Following initial consultation or previous treatment within a 5 month period

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INDIBA Treatment

  • Inclusion of INDIBA incurs additional £5 to initial or follow up price and please allow for an additional 1/2 hr

  • Sole INDIBA and targeted mobilisation therapy

Aprox length 40mins


(only for clients deemed eligible following visit for maximum of 6 sessions and on a single area +£5 per area)

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Ground Work Sessions


Aprox length: 40 mins

Tailored session consisting of appropriate strengthening exercises and incorporation of equipment for your horse and goals.

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Discounts Available

  • £5 off when a second horse receives treatment at the same yard. Or if over 20 mile radius travel fee is removed.

  • £10 off groundwork session if a follow up or INDIBA session is booked in conjunction.


Read About Just a Few of My Methods Here

Techniques and Equipment

Veterinary Referral Forms

Changes in guidance mean maintenance treatments no longer require a veterinary referral form. Please be aware that during a non-referred visit, there is potential that treatment may be  deemed inappropriate or contraindicated if risk is identified during assessment. These concerns, if present will be discussed with you and may require discussion with your vet before proceeding. This is to ensure treatment is with you and your horses best interests in mind. Referral forms have still been made avalible below for those who require them. 

New Client Forms
I strive to be constantly updating my knowledge and incorporating additional therapies to ensure I provide a holistic and multifaceted approach. This section will be regularly updated, but follow me on social media to stay in the know about the latest in new techniques and equipment
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